About Aegis CSR

We are a team of individuals who want to make a difference to the society, to the country, to the planet in making things better for a brighter tomorrow. Aegis CSR has started its working in 2015 on a smaller scale, and now hopes to make it big.

CSR not only means Corporate Social Responsibility, but our meaning extends to Citizen Social Responsibility. Corporates, SME and an individual – all are welcome to be a part of Aegis CSR.

We strongly believe in our Vision and we constantly thrive to achieve our mission, no matter how hard it is and how much time it takes. A start is required to make things work. Let’s be that start.

Our Vision

We always teach our kids sharing is a way of caring. It spreads joy to all. It’s so much true. But why just kids learn that!! We believe in equal opportunity. Neither the market nor the aide alone can solve the problems. It is our home – the countryuk essay gr_176 essay writing gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-del replaceWithoutSep” write an essay id=”176″ data-gr-id=”176″>, the planet, that needs our support. Over than twenty billion lives around the world lack access to basic necessities of life—from clean water and electricity to an education and the freedom to participate in the economy. We’re here to change that. Our vision essay writer service is a world based on dignity, where every human being has an equal opportunity. Rather than giving philanthropy away, we invest it in the people and make change happen.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place to live for humans and animals, and for a brighter tomorrow.